Create Your Own Custom Buttons

Ready to start designing your own custom button?

Download the template to the right.
Templates are available in Photoshop and GIMP.
Please check out our Design Guidelines for tips to ensure your button turns out stunning!

About our Templates:

The button template allows you or your designer to properly use the space to showcase your design. The template guidelines will not go to print.

Button Anatomy:

Face - The image within the face will appear completely on the front of the button.
Perimeter text (Optional) - The area that will wrap around the sides of the button.
Back - Continuing from the perimeter text section, it wraps around the sides and is visible from the backside of the button. It is best for the colour to continue on to the back for a more visually appealing button.

Design Guidelines:

  • No less than 300 x 300 DPI resolution images
  • Extend background colours or images past the face and into the back (bleed) area
  • Do not flatten the layers
  • File saved as PSD, XCF, JPEG or PDF
  • Very intricate designs or too many words are usually not a good idea
  • Do not extend any readable artwork into the back (bleed) area
  • Colours of button may vary slightly depending on your screen settings

Add Your Own Special Touch

Download custom button template to customize your own buttons! Photoshop Version Download custom button template to customize your own buttons! GIMP Version Add your own special touch! We use secure and reliable pins Actual size of button